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Dear ICF,

I am writing on behalf of the women’s ministry of the Assemblée Evangélique de Saint-Louis. Thanks to your generosity we were able to give gift bags to 15 women and minors on Christmas day. What a joy to spend the day with them, share a meal, give gifts and most importantly tell the Bible story of Jesus’ birth. We’ve been going to the prison for several months but this is the first time we’ve been able to so clearly share the gospel with them. Thank you for your part in this special Christmas blessing.

In Christ,
Joanna Beske

The Passover

Dear Parents,

This session of The Gospel Project for Kids dealt with the final plague God brought upon the Egyptians. This story has a clear message regarding the importance of Christ and His presence with people. Talk with your kids about the events of the Passover. Ask them to think about how they might have felt if they were living in Egypt during that time. Moses led the people to honor God, and by so doing, the people of Israel were saved from the hand of the Egyptians.

This week your kids learned that God rescued His people from the hands of the Egyptians by the shedding of blood. The sacrifice of a lamb for the blood to go over the doorpost was the only thing that kept the family inside safe from the wrath of God. God provided a much more important lamb for us, Himself—the Lamb of God. Through the shedding of Jesus’ blood, we no longer have to face the punishment of eternal separation from God because of our sin. Jesus died so we wouldn’t have to.

ICF Sunday School Coordinator

Upcoming Lesson:
Session Title: The Israelites Crossed the Red Sea
Bible Passage: Exodus 13:17–17:7

Moses Confronted Pharaoh

Dear Parents,

The Gospel Project for Kids journeyed back to Egypt on Sunday. This thrilling story led Moses back to Egypt to confront Pharaoh, who was unwilling to bow to the request that Moses made on behalf of God. Do you think it is likely that Moses knew the Pharaoh who was ruling since he grew up in the household some 40 years earlier? How would that change this story? Can you help your kids see how God is using the little baby from last week’s story in a new way?

Moses confronted Pharaoh but met strong, hard-headed opposition. God, however, had prepared Moses for this encounter with Pharaoh, and Moses knew the outcome. Moses continued to move forward despite the opposition. Share with your kids a time where you faced opposition in your life but you remained faithful to God. Did it work out for His glory?

This week, help your child identify times it may be difficult to be completely obedient to God. Through Moses’ obedience, God saved the Israelites from slavery. Read Hebrews 3:3. Jesus is greater than Moses, and Jesus’ perfect submission to God’s will provided the salvation that we needed.

ICF Sunday School Coordinator

Next Weeks Lesson:
Session Title: The Passover
Bible Passage: Exodus 11:1–13:16

Moses Was Born and Called

Dear Parents,

Today’s session of The Gospel Project for Kids was about Moses’ birth and calling. The story of Moses’ birth is one of the most spectacular stories in the Bible. Not only did God save Moses from the evil intentions of Pharaoh, He actually used the evil pharaoh to raise the child that would provide salvation for His people.

Moses’ early life was tumultuous at best. Little is known of his upbringing beyond what is recorded in the early verses of Exodus 1. We do know that Moses grew up in the Pharaoh’s household and most likely learned much about Egyptian life. Moses had to move away after killing an Egyptian, but years later he had an encounter with God that changed his life forever.

God saved Moses for a special purpose. Through Moses, God rescued His people. God called Moses out for service. He called His Son, Jesus, for a greater service: to provide salvation for all people.

ICF Sunday School Coordinator

Upcoming Lesson:
Session Title: Moses Confronted Pharaoh
Bible Passage: Exodus 5:1-6:13; 6:28-11:1

Dear Parents,

This week The Gospel Project for Kids continued the two-part story looking at a Joseph, a son of David. Joseph had come to a position of power in Egypt, and there was a famine throughout the world. Joseph had plenty of food, and people came to him for it. When Joseph’s brothers arrived for food, Joseph recognized them and tested them to see if their hearts had changed.

Joseph determined that God had used the evil intent of his brothers to bring about His glory and Joseph’s good. Joseph revealed his identity to his brothers, and Jacob and his family moved from Israel to Egypt.

Joseph recognized that though his brothers intended evil, God planned his circumstances for good to establish a remnant of God’s people (Genesis 45:7). Likewise, although those who crucified Jesus intended evil, God’s plan for the sacrifice of His Son was for the good of all people. Through Jesus’ death on the cross, God again saved a remnant of people.

ICF Sunday School Coordinator

Upcoming Lesson:
Session Title: Moses Was Born and Called
Bible Passages: Exodus 1:8–2:10,23-25; 3:1–4:20

ICF would like to thank the many volunteers who made these Christmas programs possible! From organizing the delicious meals to writing Christmas cards, setting up sound equipment for the concert to playing a friendly soccer match, preparing gift bags to praying for inmates… thank you. Mme Ndeye Diouf, our mission partner and an advocate for inmates, played a huge role in organizing these programs in three prisons and we are so thankful for her, for her heart and her ministry.



















Come celebrate with us!

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