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The detention center for minors in Dakar is beyond its max capacity. Our Church has purchased toothbrushes, toothpastes and bars of soap for the 101 boys currently detained.

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We are so thankful that that you are committed to blessing others! Please be praying for these boys, their families and the detention center staff.

After the heavy rains and flooding in the city last week, we contacted one of our mission partners to ask how the people in his area of banlieue are coping. He told us of 20 families that he’s is in contact with whose homes have flooded and are taking temporary shelter in a schoolbuilding. We have coordinated efforts with Pastor Fall to help these families meet some basic needs by providing them with a gift of rice, oil, soap and cleaning materials.

Next weekend we will go with the Falls to the school to give the donations. We would like to invite you to join us if you are interested in this missions opportunity. We will leave from Dakar Academy (Hann Mariste) at 14.30 on Saturday. Please contact Jan: icfdakar@gmail.com.

ICF is excited to announce its
“Shine” by the Go Fish Guys

June 22-26
at Dakar Academy
9am-noon daily

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Come enjoy fun times of singing, playing games, making crafts and snacks, and hearing from God’s Word. Children will hear the gospel, actively use their Bibles and know what it means to give God glory!
We would love to welcome all English-speaking children ages 4-11.
Please fill out the registration below for each child and return it to Jeana at icfdakar@gmail.com by June 19th.

Cell Number:
Email address:
Emergency Contact Name and Number:

Special Needs/Allergies/Other Concerns:

Would you like to buy a VBS t-shirt for your child (5,000 CFA)?

Dear Parents,

Isn’t it great that God goes above and beyond what we think is possible to keep His promises to His people? Yesterday’s Bible story, “The Day the Sun Stood Still” relates something that seems absolutely impossible. But nothing is impossible for God!

Joshua and the Israelites were tricked by the men of Gibeon into forming a peace treaty. As a result of the peace between Israel and Gibeon, five kings of Canaan attacked Gibeon. God reassured Joshua that He would be with the Israelites as they defended Gibeon. Not only was God with them, God fought for them! God sent the Canaanite armies into confusion, then He dropped hailstones on them.

Joshua and the Israelites were fighting, but Joshua noticed it wouldn’t be long before the sun would go down. In front of everybody, Joshua cried out to God and asked Him to keep the sun standing still in its place until the battle was over. Guess what? That’s exactly what God did! God held the sun in place for almost a full day until the Israelites defeated their enemies.

What does God do when we pray? God answers the prayers of His people. This story points ahead to another time God saved His people in a greater way: God sent His Son, Jesus, to fight the battle against sin and death.

ICF Sunday School Coordinator

Upcoming Lesson:
Session Title: Joshua’s Final Encouragement
Bible Passage: Joshua 23:1–24:28
Big Picture Question: How can we show we love God? We can serve,
worship, and obey God.

The Defeat of Ai

Dear Parents,

Last week, your kids learned that God hates sin and punishes sin. In Sunday’s Bible story, God told Joshua not to be afraid. Achan’s sin had been dealt with. God graciously gave the Israelites a second chance to attack Ai. God promised to be with the Israelites this time.

God gave Joshua specific instructions to defeat Ai. Joshua followed God’s instructions completely, and God gave the Israelites complete victory! After the battle of Ai, God allowed the Israelites to plunder Ai, keeping whatever goods and livestock they wanted for themselves. Joshua built an altar to the Lord and offered burnt offerings and peace offerings. Joshua read the book of the law to the people.

How does God respond to our obedience? God blesses obedience to His will. Because of our faith in Jesus Christ, God is always with us, and we are victorious over our enemies of sin and death. Remind your kids we don’t have right standing with God because we obey. We obey because He sent His Son, Jesus, to die in our place so we may be forgiven.

ICF Sunday School Coordinator

Upcoming Lesson:
Session Title: The Day the Sun Stood Still
Bible Passage: Joshua 10:1-15


Last week ICF members volunteered for the Operation Christmas Child Box and Caleb’s Nets distribution in a suburb of Dakar. The Falls did a wonderful job of organizing the event and we pray for those who received boxes and nets.










Dear Parents,

This week’s story in The Gospel Project for Kids® was “The Conquest of Jericho.” A few weeks ago, your kids learned that the Israelites crossed the Jordan River on dry ground. They were finally in the promised land! They only had one thing left to do: conquer the land and drive out the inhabitants. The people who lived in Canaan worshiped false gods.

Joshua sent two spies into the city of Jericho. While they were there, they stayed at Rahab’s house. The king of Jericho tracked them down to Rahab’s house, ready to kill them. Rahab, however, hid the spies on her roof. Why would Rahab save the spies? Rahab heard about God. She knew God was the one true God and that He would give the Israelites the city. She asked that her family be spared. Rahab and her family had to stay inside Rahab’s house and tie a red cord from her window. Rahab and her family were spared because of Rahab’s faith in God.

God gave Joshua specific instructions for battle. The Israelites obeyed. Who fought the battle of Jericho? God fought the battle and handed Jericho over to the Israelites. Joshua told the Israelites not to keep any of the spoil for themselves—the Lord would provide for their needs. Pray with your kids. Thank God for providing for all of your needs, including the need to be rescued from sins by Jesus Christ.

ICF Sunday School Coordinator

Upcoming Lesson:
Session Title: The Defeat of Ai
Bible Passage: Joshua 8
Big Picture Question: What does God do when we obey Him? God
blesses people who obey Him in faith.


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