Celebrating the Life of Josiah Bubna
July 29, 1989 – July 7, 2012

Dear Josiah,

I never thought that I would be asked to write about your life at your funeral. As I looked at biographical words that others have written in instances like these, they talk about accomplishments and degrees — things important, but not essential. The accomplishments are an important part of your story, but more important is the way you lived. Your first 15 years were lived in Cote d’Ivoire. The number of phone calls we have received from Abidjan is testimony that you did not just physically live there. You were deeply loved and your life touched many.

You graduated from High School at Dakar Academy, but that was only one of four high schools that you attended because of being evacuated several times. To finish in the midst of all that chaos with over a 4.0 is proof of your diligent personality.

You graduated from Wheaton College in 2011. Though there was no assurances that you would be accepted at Wheaton; you believed that this is where God wanted you, and this is the only college you ever applied to. You played football at Wheaton. Though your name never appeared in any headlines, I can’t imagine any father being prouder of their son than I am of you, not because you were a sports hero, but because you gave your whole heart to be part of the team and you never quit.

Josiah, this last year you spent in Japan. That was not a job to you, but a calling. As we looked at pictures with you and heard the stories, it was clear that you did not just physically live in Japan, but you have your full self to embrace people.

The line in a biography would read, “Josiah was engaged to be married on August 11th.” That is true. We have now met Rebekah and see the delightful girl that you had chosen, and see the careful way you have honored her and loved her.

The reason that all of these things that you did are so important is because of who you were. You were and are a wonderful example to your two sisters about what it means to walk carefully and to love God. You are Angèle and Nadia’s hero.

I don’t know what words to use to describe you; there are so many. I wanted to stand at your wedding and speak a blessing on you for the man you had become. You are kind, compassionate, responsible and loyal. More than anything, you have walked humbly with your God.

On July 6th, your Mom and I wrote in your birthday card: “You are a great son and we are proud to be called your parents.” I know these words are small to adequately tell the story of who you are. You lived the message well. We love you.

Dad and Mom, Angèle and Nadia

Josiah’s Life in Pictures.

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Youtube video by Josiah’s friend, Caleb Duttweiler

Another video by Martin Awabdeh

Eulogy (Wheaton), Joel Bubna

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Sharing Memories & Praise for Josiah’s Life

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Message, Rev. Steven Clouser

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“Be Thou My Vision”

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Wheaton College Football Team Tribute

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