Since moving to Dakar three months back, I have seen God’s hand at work in many ways.  One way He showed Himself is in the provision of a fantastic home for Lois and me.  The neighbors are kind and helpful people, without whom, we would not have had such a smooth transition to Dakar and ICF.  God provided this arrangement for us.

One other way God’s hand has been so clearly shown to us is in the welcome we’ve received from our new ICF family.  Many have given us their personal words of welcome.  A very tangible pantry shower for us was arranged prior to our arrival.  Many gave so we could have food in our fridge the very first day!  God is so good to us!  Thank you ICF family!

If you are not already part of our ICF Family and looking for a church home while you’re living in Dakar, check out ICF.  We are a bunch of friendly Jesus-followers who believe that we have been brought to Dakar for this unique time in history.  We seek to welcome all who name Jesus as Lord, regardless of denominational background.  Let’s bring glory to Jesus as we worship him together in unity and harmony!



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