Pastor’s Page

November 2018 - Has it happened to you that just after giving God public praise for something specific, you seem to have that same area of life unravel at your fingertips?  If you've experienced that, then you'll know what I mean by what I'm about to say. We try to publish a quarterly newsletter for … Continue reading Pastor’s Page

Welcoming Andrew to Leadership Team

The ICF Leadership Team is very pleased to announce that Andrew Ssenyonga has agreed to serve on our team. We appreciate his family's involvement  in the life of the church, and in particular his role in leading the worship team. Andrew and Agnes, may God bless you for your willingness to use your gifts and … Continue reading Welcoming Andrew to Leadership Team

Autumn picnic

Thank you to all who helped plan the autumn picnic and who came to join us! Netty and her team did a fantastic job with organizing the event and coordinating the food. Seby, thank you for putting together the games to get things rolling. It was a wonderful afternoon and we look forward to seeing you all again … Continue reading Autumn picnic

November pot-luck!

Join us for a pot-luck lunch on November 22nd after the morning service! An email with details and RSVP information will be sent out soon. If you are not yet receiving our emails, sign up by writing to We hope to see you there!

Mission News

The detention center for minors in Dakar is beyond its max capacity. Our Church has purchased toothbrushes, toothpastes and bars of soap for the 101 boys currently detained. We are so thankful that that you are committed to blessing others! Please be praying for these boys, their families and the detention center staff.