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Leadership Team

The members of the leadership team guide ICF to be a place where people encounter God and then bless others.

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Jerry and Lois joined ICF as our pastor-couple in 2018. They have a passion for prayer and long to see more people come to know and love Jesus.  They have lived this passion out on three continents. Their first experience working together internationally was in the early 90s in rural East Africa where they served at a hospital and orphanage project.  There they combined Lois’s nursing and administration skills with Jerry’s theological training and aptitude for repairing things. In 1997, they moved with their young son to South East Asia, where they lived and worked for over 12 years. As an expression of Christ’s love, they came to Dakar to help pastor people of all walks of life, through our church.

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Sebastiaan is the country coordinator for CAMA services. He holds both a Dutch and US passport, but grew up in Burkina Faso and Cote d’Ivoire. His wife Jeana is on staff at ICF. They have four boys.

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Andrew came to Dakar to be a full-time stay at home father when his wife’s job moved them to Senegal from their home country of Uganda. He became a follower of Christ at a young age and is passionate about singing and music. He plays the guitar and drums – and tennis too.

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Ken hails from the state of North Carolina where he spent most of his growing up years. He is married to Debra and has four children and three grandchildren. He is a professional life and executive coach with over 25 years of experience living in West Africa.

Abi is a British-born, born-again, Nigerian-background follower of Jesus.  Her many years of leadership experience in the NGO sector brings a helpful perspective to ICF’s Leadership Team.  Abi has been with ICF since 2017.

Shadrach is from Southern USA, and while growing up as a PK, he moved quite a lot with his family.  He and Melissa and their 4 children have lived in Africa 10 years, and in Dakar since January 2019.  They work and serve in a community development role that takes them all over Africa.

Ministry Staff


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Jeana is a teacher and mom. After teaching kindergarten for five years in the U.S., she and her husband moved to Africa to work with a relief and development organization. She loves playing games and taking pictures.


We are praying for someone to help us with this important role!


We are praying for the Lord to nudge someone to take on this important ministry role soon!


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Stan works regionally in finance and administration.  He grew up in Gabon and together with his wife has lived in Guinea, Côte d’Ivoire and currently has been serving in Senegal since 2004.  They have one son.  Stan loves traveling to new places and photography.


Helen is from New Zealand, and has been serving up refreshments at ICF since August 2019.  Helen is married to Charles.  If you would like to know about what this very special ministry entails please let’s talk!  Psalm 136:25 – He gives food to every creature. His love endures forever.


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Simon has made five stays in Senegal over the last 25 years. He is a translator, teacher and music producer, and can usually be found operating the PA for ICF, abusing his position to crack British jokes. He is here with his wife Amie and their three children.

Youth Ministry

Greg and Candi, with Oscar and with Doose, lead ICF Youth.  This is a new venture for ICf that seeks to recognize middle schoolers and high schoolers as being important people made in the image of God.  For more info, email