We see that we have two great needs.

  • The need for radical obedient discipleship, leading to maturity, to growth in depth as well as growth in numbers;
  • The need for radical cross-centered reconciliation, leading to unity, to growth in love as well as growth in faith and hope.

We join together as a church to accomplish these things through our common love.

We express our statement of faith beyond mere beliefs, but in terms of that which we love together:

We love the living God, revealed in three persons; who alone is the Creator, Ruler, Judge and Savior of the world.

We love God the Father, whose character we reflect and whose care we trust.

We love God the Son, who alone is Savior and Lord. In his death on the cross, Jesus took our sin upon himself in our place, bearing its full cost, penalty and shame, defeated death and the powers of evil, and accomplished the reconciliation and redemption of all creation.

We love God the Holy Spirit, through whom we witness of Christ, we minister, and we display the beauty of the gospel.

We love God’s Word, the Old and New Testament, inspired by God’s Spirit yet written by human authors. We submit to it as supremely and uniquely authoritative, governing our belief and our behavior.

We love God’s world and its people, loving all that God has made, proclaiming the good news to all creation and all nations.

We love the people of God, whom God in Christ has loved, chosen, called, saved and sanctified for his own. The Church, as the most vivid present expression of the kingdom of God, is a community of grace, obedience and love.

We love the mission of God, making known to all nations the truth of God’s saving grace through Christ, calling all people to repentance, faith, baptism and obedient discipleship as well as striving for justice and peace and in caring especially for the powerless among God’s creation.